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Summer Art Program, Ages 5-16

Summer Art Program, Ages 5-16

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Monday, Wednesday & Thursday: 9:30-12:30, Ages 5-16

$185 per week, 16 students max.

The kids can get creative in an inspiring community space at our summer art program, which focuses on one theme each week and explores various mediums. Each day will include an art lesson, time for freestyle creativity, group games and socializing. 
*Ink’d Summer Camp is open to all kids ages 5-16. Project difficulty will be adjusted as needed to meet each student’s age and/or skill level.

Week 1: June 26, 28 & 29: Pop Culture Cartoons - Creating a variety of art based on animated cartoon characters ranging from the 1980s to today! 

Week 2: July 3, 5 & 6: Superheroes + Villains - Good guys, bad guys and artwork, oh my!

Week 3: July 17, 19 & 20: Nautical Life - Explore & create everything found above and below the depths of our oceans. 

Week 4: July 31, August 2 & 3: Video Game Lifestyle - Video game developers wouldn’t be where they are without understanding the fundamentals of 2-D art. Get the kids away from the screens and to the paper that got the creators where they are today.  

Week 5: August 14, 16 & 17: Street Art Culture - Stencils are so much more than just transferring letters to paper. This week we will discuss the process of creating stencils and how they helped birth an art form by using them on a variety of projects. 

Week 6: August 21, 23 & 24: Art Explorer- We’re taking a handful of our most popular projects at the studio and recreating them all. Canvases, sketchbooks, mixed media projects, comics and more- let’s get art crazy! 

*Pack a snack and drink

*All materials provided